I figured that since it took me such a long time to find this thing and sign up and everything, I must make a first entry. This seems interesting, with themes and tags and such. I like it. Anyway. I have all these pertinent pressing issues to discuss, so here goes.

1. Farmville sucks you into a vortex. It prevents you from using your brain and time for useful things. It’s 3 a m and I message a friend asking if she is up so that I can discuss with her the prospects of buying a tractor for my farm. The actual words in my head were ‘Is it a good investment?’. I have 107,300 coins in my account. I am subconsciously planning the new layout of my renovated farm. Do not start playing Farmville. Especially Not if all your friends tell you that you’re slightly OCD.

2. Why isn’t anybody more bothered by the SRK airport incident? I am appalled. I feel let down by SRK. I expected more grace. More brain cells.

3.Watch Kandhasamy. Don’t watch Kaminey. Especially if everybody you know hyped it for you. You cannot help but feel disappointed then.

4.Jay is my heroine. She believed in me when nobody else did. She encouraged me.She pushed me. My words. 🙂 . She is talented, employed, and pretty. My words. 🙂 .

I have things that are so important I can’t blog about them now, not in my first entry, so till the next time, Allegra.

PS:What are Trackbacks? And Pingbacks? I can guess but still.